tricolor amaranthus seed

Chinese spinach (Amaranthus tricolor and cvs.)
Height: 3 ft. to 6 ft.
Spread: 1 ft. to 3 ft.
Light: Full Sun Only
Moisture: Dry to Medium
Characteristics: Showy Foliage
Bloom Time: Early Fall, Fall, Late Summer, Summer
Flower Color: Green, Red
Foliage Color: Colorful/Burgundy Foliage
Uses: Beds and Borders, Container
Seasonal Interest: Spring Interest
Type: Annuals
This hardy annual has vibrant, ornamental red, yellow, and green foliage that lends a tropical effect to the garden. Small flowers, borne from summer to early autumn, are inconspicuous in comparison to the effect of the foliage. Cultivars feature yellow and maroon-shaded leaves, but the species still offers the showiest foliage.
Noteworthy Characteristics: Cultivated by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Grow massed in a bed; combines well with other bold, warm-colored heirloom annuals.
Care: Does well in full sun and all but soggy soils.
Propagation: From seed in soil-based potting soil, in full light.
Problems: White rust, brown rust, Ceroscopora leaf spot, and Phyllosticta leaf spot affect the leaves. Root rot. Prone to aster yellows and virus diseases, as well as aphids.